Three Things I Have Learned In 2012 (So Far)

As the second half of the year has arrived I am in stock taking mood.  In no particular order here are three of the things I know a bit more about now, than I did six months ago:

–        Some providers of goods and services are good at creating an accessible, welcoming feeling for customers new to their brand (yes WordPress, I’m talking about you)

 –       Effective project management techniques can produce good quality, timely results for the non-profit sector, just as they do in the commercial world – shows that is the case.

–       It is a challenge to mobilise volunteers for community projects at the best of times.  During a period of austerity it is harder.  Understandably they are focusing on finding / keeping a job; financial security; family time.  Hats off to the folks who do get involved and whose contributions do make a difference.

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