You are in the right place if your goal is professional development, with a heart.  Having greater skills and confidence will give you an edge when you tell your story and change others’ lives.

Having an edge means you pay attention to your development needs, experience warmer relationships with your colleagues and produce more customer pleasing results.

Obviously once you get going your first steps towards your goal can be the hardest.

When you start moving you will find yourself making better progress with effective support. Support which comes from someone who understands you.

If you are ready to experience your life more fully, my support can help make your development easier.

Is there an Experience Blog?

If you want more insight please dip into my latest Blog under the Recent Posts heading on the right of the screen.

There you will find ideas which help you link qualities like assertion and empathy to your leadership and development strategies.

Feel free to browse using the Tags and learn more about clients’ feelings by visiting the Testimonials section.

Experience Live Events

If you would like a taste of my work why not take a look at my Google+ Hangout dating from Thursday 28 April 2016 (follow the link below to view the session – it is about 30 minutes long).

You can take the opportunity to write down the tips you like best and then use them to become more self-aware. Self-awareness after all is the key to goal setting  and getting what you want out of life. Here is the link to the event (leave a comment if what you see is helpful):


If you want to get set for the rest of the year you can pick up some tools and techniques which will help you this Summer at a live event in June. Details will appear here once arrangements are complete.

Roger Dennison Says "Welcome To Members' Access"

Roger Dennison

Want To Begin A Confidential Conversation About Being Coached?

Please use the link below to book a 30 minute Discovery session in which we will discuss your specific needs privately and how I can support your commitment to shaping your future.


Want To Subscribe To My Email Newsletter Or Receive Other Information?

You can use the Comment section in the Contact page to confirm the address on which you want to receive the monthly emails which contain the Experience Newsletter. You can unsubscribe whenever you wish and opt into other communication via the Members’ page.

Moving Forward

I look forward to helping you embrace your values, take effective action and continue your progress towards your goals.

All the best – Roger


*Coaching programmes and related products, marketed under the Experience Your Life brand, are offered by Experience Enterprises Ltd (Company Number 08746126).  The company’s registered office address is 20  – 22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU.



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(Page updated 23 May 2018)

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