How To Be #Assertive And Enjoy Your Weekend

No one wants their supervisor or Big Boss to take liberties.

You can protect your free time by saying No and offering an alternative suggestion to get the job done.

That’s true, even if you are new to the team and the Big Boss wants you to work over the weekend, to meet an unexpected but high priority target.

It doesn’t matter whether you and your family want to enjoy the #Coronation events, or go and see your team #play, you can say No to work unscheduled requests.

If in any doubt check with your supervisor about the policy on working in your free time.

How To Be A Better Job Interviewee

Preparation helps manage interview nerves

How do you manage pre-interview nerves, when you go after a new job?

I remember coaching a colleague whose nerves were obvious when she fidgeted with her keys all the way through a mock interview.

How did she go on to earn a promotion into a dream job?

We talked and she recognised that positive self-talk, plus preparation would boost her chances of confidently performing in her next real interview, regardless of previous job search nightmares.

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How To Promote Innovation & Digital Technologies On #IWD2023

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As more services go online, the importance of having digital skills increases.

This 8 March is International Women’s Day 2023. The principle that digital skills should be held by everyone is reflected in the hashtag #DigitALL

I have identified five principles to support the growth of digital skills, by listening to the women whose career development I have supported.

This YouTube video sets out the five digital principles, so leaders can help women team members learn, change and grow.

What are your suggestions to help achieve that goal?

How To Lead Without #Bullying

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Bullying is never far from the headlines.

It happens when people throw their weight around in classrooms, workplaces and on social media.

Here’s a reminder of how we can be good leaders, colleagues, and friends. The kind of people that inspire others, without acting like bullies.

How To Set SMART Goals As We Get #Backtowork

I hope getting back to work, using your skills and collaborating with others feels good.

Help is available in case you are thinking pf making professional or personal changes though. Just look at the video to get started.

Then, check out the link to the SMART Goal planner on the Welcome page to record the details of how you will make change happen in the weeks ahead.   

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How To Be A Good #Leader And Make People Feel Valued

Here’s a reminder about including people in social situations

Leaders make people feel valued.

It is a skill that comes with practice.

One trick, in a social setting, is to ask open questions.

What does your team do?

Who uses your service?

Can I introduce you to any of the attendees?

Most people like the chance to share something about themselves. It makes them feel included.

Leaders show others that they are welcome to be themselves. Perhaps that is a goal for all of us to work on in 2023?

How To Be A Better Manager When It Comes To #Diversity

Story time – How We Can Manage Diverse Relationships Better By Listening

The first step to managing in diverse spaces involves listening.

If we know the people around us well enough, we can tell when something isn’t right.

That’s when we can step up and ask how are things going?

Showing we are ready to listen and to support goes a long way to improving tricky situations.

The story in the video shows how this principle works in the real world.

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How To Thrive After #WorldMentalHealthDay

Take a look at the video for low and no cost ideas to improve your mental health

There are a few simple, steps we can take to look after ourselves and improve our mental health.

Take a look at the video if you want a reminder of what they are.

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Managing #Diversity Means Improving Results

My latest YouTube video to help you think about how to achieve a Simpler Life

Diverse leadership produces great results. That isn’t a slogan, experience tells me that’s true.

For instance, when I led an initiative to improve engagement with local educational, health and environmental opportunities it was brilliant to draw on the wisdom from project workers who weren’t all the same.

Tapping into the minds of people of different ages, faith backgrounds, sexualities, and social classes made a difference.

Having many voices in the conversation, offering different perspectives, kept the ideas flowing and the creative solutions coming.

The result? A successful set of outcomes, within a tight timeframe, which improved on previous results and achieved greater value for money.

Who could argue against better results?

If you want to start thinking about the advantages of diversity for your team, network or service users you can check out the video.

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What Are The 3 Key #Leadership Strengths?

Let’s hear it for the leaders!

They are the ones who inspire others to try their best, even in tough times.

If you work for long enough, you will see examples of Good, Indifferent and Poor leadership.

Judging by the personal development conversations I’ve had, over time, people like being led by:

Human beings, not controlling by-the-book types.

People who can smile, even after the plan goes wrong.

Bosses who want their teams to learn from what went wrong. Then try again.

So, who is the best leader you have come across? Which of the three qualities in the YouTube video below did they get right?

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