Roger’s Speaker Bio

In a corporate career spanning more than 21 years Roger delivered results for the public as a member of teams in 3 Government Departments (Employment, Education and Business). He has more than a decade of experience within the voluntary sector to add  to his corporate skills.

His range of experience, during increasingly pressured times, means he can speak with passion and warmth when he is:

  • Sharing persuasive evidence
  • Telling relevant anecdotes
  • Inspiring timely action

Speaker Themes

“More people than ever are looking for effective ways to develop their potential. I am happy to take up speaking invitations to share the benefits you gain when your clients and your colleagues see you performing at your best”.

I can speak on a number of coaching related themes, including:

  • Being Ready To Embrace Change To Shape Your Future
  • Using Your Life Experience To Benefit Your Clients, Colleagues And Community
  • Overcoming Overwhelm So Your Life Is More Enjoyable

If you would like to discuss a forthcoming speaking opportunity please use the Contact form to begin a conversation. Please allow a couple of weeks notice when making your enquiry, to make it possible to manage my diary commitments.

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