The Best Team Ever?

Vicente del Bosque, Coach of the Spanish natio...

Vicente del Bosque, Coach of the Spanish national football team Español: Vicente del Bosque, seleccionador de la Selección de fútbol de España Português: Vicente del Bosque, treinador da Seleção Espanhola de Futebol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From my experience in work I think one of the keys that helps unlock a team’s talent is an understanding of how individual’s strengths combine when they work together.

Beyond the workplace I think I can see why the Spanish football team are winners in Euro 2012.  Team Spain may have been criticised for being ‘boring’, but they produce reliable, quality results.  It is difficult to argue otherwise with their other achievements including the European Championship and the World Cup.

Now the Euro 2012 trophy is theirs, after a 4-0 triumph over Italy in Kiev, what is one of the secrets of their success?

According to their coach Vicente del Bosque, Spanish footballers “know how to play together”.  Speaking in a post-victory BBC interview he added:

“…I didn’t really want to be the coach who wins but the coach who educates. I want to keep preparing [the team] for the future…”

There are some strong messages for workplace leaders in that clear sporting philosophy:

–       Understand how to get the best out of individuals working together

–       Educate them in key skills

–       Prepare them for the future

I wonder how many bosses will want to dig a little deeper, and perhaps integrate those messages into their leadership strategy?

More details about how the winning Spanish team performed are available on this link.

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