Goals 2014: How’s Your Job Treating You?

If your workplace, or career, goal is linked to the health of the economy then there is good news today from the Office for National Statistics. The UK economy grew by 1.9% in 2013, its strongest rate since 2007.

That should make promotion, professional development, or job change easier, provided you are in the right part of the UK.

Actually, according to the Centre for Cities’ research published yesterday, London continues to be critical to the UK economy. That city is creating almost 10 times more private sector jobs than the second fastest growing city, Edinburgh.

Some of these factors feature in a recent job change query in the Guardian. Follow the link in my tweet to learn more.

Two final questions for you:

  • What sort of progress are you making on your work or career goals?
  • How much more progress could you make with coaching support?

Goals 2014: How Happy Are You In Your Work?

These are some thoughts of mine in response to an idea from Miya Tokumitsu, revisited in the Guardian newspaper after originally appearing in Jacobin magazine.  Needless to say I don’t share the view that only the privileged are equipped to enjoy their work.

Having looked at the discussion how would you answer these questions:

  • How important is your work compared to your family or social life?
  • How happy does it make you feel?
  • Do you have a clear goal about what you want to happen within your life this year?
  • What will you feel like when you accomplish your goal?

Asking yourself these, hard, questions will help you decide what steps you will take to enjoy your work and social life in 2014.  Get in touch to discuss how I can help with that strategy.

Goals 2014: A Quick Question For You

Cup Of Tea

What Was The Highlight Of Your Week?

Congratulations on making it through your first full week of 2014.

Here’s a quick question for you to work on, whilst you enjoy a cuppa (or the beverage of your choice).

What was the highlight of your week? What was the one thing which really made you glad to be back? It could be something relatively small, maybe:

  • Receiving positive feedback from a customer whose expectations you exceeded?
  • Influencing your boss to make a decision, by demonstrating your awareness of the available options?
  • Learning something new, which will make your working day more effective?

How would you feel if you knew you could have many more moments like that in your typical week? What if that was only the beginning of a more fulfilling future? I am asking as the examples I cited came from people I coached last year, they:

  • Grew in confidence through their coaching journey
  • Brought a wider set of skills to their work
  • Gained more job satisfaction as a result of being professionally coached

(Please visit the Testimonials page to learn more about others’ experience of being coached).

I hope you will want to make ‘gaining confidence and competence’ one of your goals, by the end of the financial year.  If you do, I look forward to supporting you in your coaching programme in the next few weeks.

Goals 2014: What Does Success Look Like?

Here is a Tweet relating to Jordan Belfort, he’s the subject of the biopic ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’.  I haven’t seen the film, although it sounds an interesting look at 1990s concepts of success.   I’ll have to write another post once I have seen the movie.

Meanwhile I am sharing the Tweet as it contains a link to the Huffington Post.  Have a look at the link and see what you think of Mr Belfort’s ten thoughts about achieving goals.  Feel free to share this post with family, colleagues and friends.

How many of your 2014 goals relate to: Your workplace?  Your well-being?  Managing your wealth?  Let me know if you have goals that are more attainable with coaching support.

Goals 2014: Your Key To The Three Main Benefits Of Being Coached

Here, in case you missed it, is another chance to hear more about the three key benefits of being coached.

Feel free to share the information with family, colleagues and friends.  Get in touch when you are ready to arrange your own coaching programme and to start living your best life.

Goals At Work: Managing Relationships

I hope 2014 is going well so far.  That’s especially true if you are back at work already, or about to return on Monday.

In the ideal world the work place is full of confident and competent managers and staff.   They all work well as individuals and in teams to keep their customers satisfied.  Sometimes though that isn’t the case.

The Guardian newspaper has presented another exceptional scenario in its Work blog.  Follow the link in my Tweet to see the discussion.  You will probably want to take action if the situation rings bells with you.  A coaching programme would help you take action if so.  I would be happy to help with that.

Is there any room for improvement in your working life?  What goals have you set for yourself this year to help bring that change about?

Happy New Year!

Here as promised is the third of three posts tonight, and the final one of the year.

Thank you for visiting the site in 2013, reading my Tweets, or spreading the word about the benefits of being coached to your family, friends and colleagues.

I hope you have a brilliant New Year and I look forward to supporting your development in 2014.