My Goal Is To Support Your Development As Effectively As Possible

My Goal Is To Support Your Development As Effectively As Possible

Q. What does your Coaching practice involve?

Simply put, Coaching is the confidential, judgement-free, goal-focussed process in which I support your personal, or professional, development journey.

In a programme of three, six, ten or more coaching sessions you will gain a clear sense of what it is you want to attain at each significant step in your journey.  You will decide on the actions you will take to reach those steps.

Scheduled sessions last 30, 45 or 60 minutes.  They take place on the telephone, or via Skype voice call.  The only equipment the client needs is pen and paper, plus the desire to make progress.

Q. How does your coaching style reflect the importance of equality and diversity principles?

As a coaching professional I attach great importance to supporting clients equally well, regardless of their age, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion.  My focus is supporting your growth, whatever your background.

Q. How do your key values affect your coaching practice?

My values are people centred.  It is no surprise that I believe everyone deserves to be supported in their journey toward a more fulfilling life.   My values emphasise building and maintaining an effective relationship with the person receiving the coaching.

I expect you will be excited to be coached by a qualified professional, as you embark on your process of discovery.  I will maintain an empathic collaboration with you, even in challenging moments.  I will help you find out what you really want and how you will obtain it.

Ultimately, I believe you can achieve great results during your journey.  I also believe, with my support, you can take away lasting and positive outcomes from your coaching experience.

Q. How do I prepare myself to start working with a Coach?

You will be more tuned into your reserves of self-awareness by being coached.  A good starting point is to complete a self-assessment exercise (like the one on the Getting Started page).  This will suggest the topics where you feel you can take action to be more satisfied with your life.

Q. What long-term value could Coaching add to my life?

Aside from a lasting sense of awareness of their values, beliefs and priorities my clients have reported that coaching leaves them with: a profound sense of being supported as they change their lives; increased confidence in pursuing their goals; more skills in handling challenges; greater motivation to take action in key areas of their lives.

Q. How do I to arrange a coaching programme for myself?

You can visit the Contact page and use the form to get in touch.  Why not indicate the broad topic you want to explore, the length of session you had in mind, the timing you would prefer and the frequency of session (weekly or fortnightly).

Q. What if I am not quite ready to be coached?

That’s fine.  It is best to feel fully prepared to start out on this journey.

You can always keep in touch with some of the themes related to coaching by looking at the growing group of resources in the various sections on the site.  The useful links also contain some helpful pointers you can dip into.  You can also follow me on Twitter where I post as @RogerD_said.

When you feel you are ready to go forward feel free to complete the Contact form and I will get back to you to discuss next steps.

Q. How Is Client Data Protected?

Data is protected in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 placed on small businesses.  These can be found online at www.ico.org.uk   Additionally Coaching is undertaken on a confidential basis (excepting in circumstances where safeguarding issues are raised, or existing legal obligations must be met).

Q. Would you be willing to promote third-party brands or products on your site?

I wish good luck to others working to change lives.  Although I am not promoting other organisations it is very flattering to be asked to do so.  For now I want to retain the focus of the site and I have only referenced other brands or products where I have direct, personal, experience of them.

(Last updated 5 January 2014)

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