Getting Started

Most of us have several priorities running in our lives, at the same time.  Themes such as Work, Family, Relationships, Money, Study, Wellbeing and Change can all be significant to us.

Everyone has their own list of priorities, which may be totally different to the ones I have listed.  That’s fine.  We each have our own story to tell, especially concerning straightforward areas and those that we find more challenging.


As you consider entering a coaching programme, you may find it useful to complete a ‘Wheel Of Life’ diagram.  Taking this action should help you to work out where you are 100% satisfied with your priorities, and where you score less than 10 out of 10.  Those development areas are the ones where coaching support may be invaluable.

Traffic Lights

Alternatively, you could divide a piece of paper into three columns, heading one ‘Red’, one ‘Amber’ and the last one ‘Green’.  Then spend a few minutes listing all your priority areas under the appropriate heading.

Green, for the priorities where you are happy with the view ahead of you.

Amber, for the ones where there may be obstacles in your way.

Red, for the priorities that are challenging and the way ahead uncertain.

The items in the Red column may be ones to focus on, with the aid of a coach.

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