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Want a better understanding of the difference coaching can make to your results for customer, colleague relationships and personal comfort? Then listen to this 45 minute interview with me chaired by Rebecca Gordon, Host at The Coaching Lounge




Below are some coaching-derived ideas from 2013 that may help you produce more professional project-based results.

In particular the first three items on this page may be useful to Community First volunteers, whether they are applicants, funded projects, or panel members.  The first three recordings expand on the ideas in the download pdfs you may have already looked at on this site.

Once you have made time to listen to the podcasts and before you write down the actions you are going to take, in your diary and project plan, please:

  • discuss the messages within the podcasts with your colleagues and friends
  • tell members of your wider networks that these resources exist to help them
  • look around the site, including the Recent blog Posts and the Archives, to see what else is available to help you produce great results
  • let me know what coaching support you require, or what other topics I should feature in future podcasts, by using the Leave a Reply section below; filling in your details on the Contact page; Tweeting me @rogerd_said

Community First Projects – Creating Credible Applications – 12 December 2013

Community First Panel Leadership Issues – Goals For Chair People – 12 December 2013

Community First Panel Leadership Issues – Leading And Problem Solving – 12 December 2013

(Page updated 29 April 2016)

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