Welcome to the Download page.

As my coaching practice chiefly focuses on goals related to Work, Well-being and Wealth you will find a growing range of resources linked to those themes on this page.

At the moment the page holds resources – from a Community First / voluntary sector – perspective about Goal Setting, Leadership and Resolving problems.

As you might imagine the content is applicable to the world beyond volunteerism.  Have a look and you should find it is relevant to life in the workplace and to teams of all kinds.

I will add to the content on this page over time, so check back periodically to see what’s new.

Community First Applications

Community First Ideas for 2014 Applicants

Community First Panel Chairing and Goal setting

Community First chairing and goal setting

Community First Panel Leadership

Community First chairing and leadership

Community First Panel Resolving Problems

Community First chairing and resolving problems

(Page Created 18 November 2013 – Material on this page is published under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial ShareAlike basis.  More information on Creative Commons via )

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