Goals 2014: A Quick Question For You

Cup Of Tea

What Was The Highlight Of Your Week?

Congratulations on making it through your first full week of 2014.

Here’s a quick question for you to work on, whilst you enjoy a cuppa (or the beverage of your choice).

What was the highlight of your week? What was the one thing which really made you glad to be back? It could be something relatively small, maybe:

  • Receiving positive feedback from a customer whose expectations you exceeded?
  • Influencing your boss to make a decision, by demonstrating your awareness of the available options?
  • Learning something new, which will make your working day more effective?

How would you feel if you knew you could have many more moments like that in your typical week? What if that was only the beginning of a more fulfilling future? I am asking as the examples I cited came from people I coached last year, they:

  • Grew in confidence through their coaching journey
  • Brought a wider set of skills to their work
  • Gained more job satisfaction as a result of being professionally coached

(Please visit the Testimonials page to learn more about others’ experience of being coached).

I hope you will want to make ‘gaining confidence and competence’ one of your goals, by the end of the financial year.  If you do, I look forward to supporting you in your coaching programme in the next few weeks.

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