The Business Show 2013: Part One


Brochure from The Business Show 2013

I came across loads of inspiring corporate and one-of-a-kind speakers at the Business Show 2013 in Olympia this week.  This post contains some key thoughts I took from the event.

I will post some corporate ideas later.  Meanwhile here are views from three speakers I think of as ‘one-of-a-kinders’.  They each made an impression on me in a different way.  I hope you too will want to find out more about these folks:

Clippy McKenna – she’s responsible for Clippy’s jam products getting onto Tesco’s shelves.  She demonstrated the importance of being resilient; challenging the status quo; and living in a way that is consistent with your values.  She is on Twitter as @clippysworld

Brad Burton – head of 4Networking – spoke with passion about: knowing your own truth, and allowing that truth to motivate you professionally & personally.  He is also an advocate of respecting your priorities and putting people first.  Find him on Twitter @BradBurton

David Gold – entrepreneur and joint-chairman of West Ham United – emphasised the personal drive required to pursue an inspiring goal.  As he put it, “If it is to be, it is up to me!”  David’s Twitter handle is @davidgold

By the way, if you were to distil your core values into a sentence, what would they be?

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