It Is Good To Meet You, Mr President

Luckily the Mayans were wrong.  Or maybe our interpretation of their calendar was wrong.  Either way the world didn’t end today.  This is a good thing, as I have plans for Christmas.


#christmas (Photo credit: Isselmuden)


Fortunately this year there isn’t a nerve wracking social event to get past before Christmas arrives.  You perhaps know the sort of situation, social drinks with the head of department / director / chief executive.


Yes, socialising might just be a relaxed time-out from work.  Maybe though the senior colleague’s company makes you sweaty palmed.  If so, what can you do about it?


There’s an interesting parallel discussed on the BBC’s website today.  What do you say at a social gathering with the chief executive when he is also the commander-in-chief, Barack Obama?


I suppose it depends on a number of factors:

–       how much preparation do you want to put in, beforehand?

–       How do you want to benefit from the situation?

–       Will you remember the thing you want to say when the moment of truth arrives?


The article is an interesting read, so I have attached it below.  Perhaps it is a useful think- piece for anyone trying to make the most of a major opportunity to make a good, first, impression – or to win friends and influence people.

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