So This Is Christmas?

English: Coaching process model (GROW model) P...

English: Coaching process model (GROW model) Polski: Model procesu coachingowego (GROW model) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although it is the week before Christmas, seasonal goodwill seems thin on the ground.

Obvious tragedy and strife aside, it is the personal stresses which can make the world seem especially grim.

For instance, the Guardian’s ‘Work’ section features the case study of a senior manager whose skills and successes cut no ice with his senior colleague.

Top management are blaming the woes of the larger business on the senior manager.  His previous good leadership of his business unit goes unrecognised.

Above the line, the article describes the chilling effect of the blame game.  The senior manager is left feeling his confidence ebbing away.  He feels trapped, and is facing a six month count-down to termination (he is suddenly performing ‘unacceptably’ in the larger organisational context).

That is a bleak way to end 2012.

It is an eye-opener to read some of the reader feedback, offered to the senior manager, below the line.  Some of it seems defensive.  Some of it aggressive.  My take on what he could do next is, inevitably, coaching themed.

You can read the article and comments (mine are included as RogerAD) here

Basically, I am saying he should find himself a coach and allow himself to be supported through the GROW model:

Identifying a goal – determining what is the positive benefit he wants to head toward, in the time he has available?

Reflecting on his reality – questioning what does the relationship between his values and those of his organisation feel like?

Listing his options – working out what are the steps that take him forward, toward his ultimate goal?

Using his will – relying on the reserve of positive energy he holds – that his caused him to seek a solution to his dilemma – to identify the first step he can immediately take.  That is the step which will move him one step closer to what he wants.

It will be interesting to see what type of feedback he chooses to follow.  Whatever he decides to do, you have to hope his 2013 turns out better than 2012 has.

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