Brand Loyalty – Our Survey Says…

English: Johari-window for the character of Mi...

English: Johari-window for the character of Miles in the Woody Allen film ‘Sleeper.’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back on September 16 I posted a few thoughts about unique selling propositions, in the sense of personal marketing.

Basically I was asking – Who do you think you are?  But an equally important question might be, How do others see you?

I was delving into all four of the Johari windows, since these days the combination of self-knowledge and outer presentation can really help us achieve our goals in life.

Since then a good example of damaging ones brand has cropped in the media.

Step forward Angus T Jones, a young actor.  He might want to speak to his coach, assuming he has one, about re-imagining his brand.  It is difficult to row back your comments after calling the television show you work on ‘filth’.  Especially when it pays you a reported six figure salary, per episode, for your efforts.

His colleagues on Two and a Half Men may have a different view on his professionalism this week compared to seven days ago.

According to industry speculation his employer, CBS television, may be parting company with him in the near future too.

Speaking for myself, taking stock of the feedback I got from colleagues and customers recently has been positive and contentious.  Apparently I come across as: ‘supportive, empowering, creative and calm’.   Perhaps differing contexts are involved in the last two, which seem a bit contradictory to me.

My next coaching goal might focus on the attribute I display least often – creativity – so I take specific actions that allow me to display the attribute a practical number of times by Easter 2013.

Memo to self: However I pursue that goal I will do my best to ensure the only colourful thing on display is my creativity.

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