Time Is On Their Side (Yes It Is)

English: Trade ad for 1965 Rolling Stones' Nor...

English: Trade ad for 1965 Rolling Stones’ North American tour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When they started to work together 50 years ago I doubt the Rolling Stones knew how successful they would be decades later.

Their goal was to play the music they loved, in front of people who appreciated it.  That plan seems to have worked out quite well.

Now, according to BBC Business coverage of their sellout O2 concerts, their most recent tour – A Bigger Bang – earned £348 m. Which sounds like a decent contribution to their retirement fund.


Not that they look ready to put their feet up.

All of which contrasts to recent research, about life planning, published by the National Association of Pension Funds.


NAPF believes many over 50s are sleepwalking into their old age. Essentially they are not putting enough by for their non-working years. Risky given increasing life expectancy.  Making ends meet in years to come calls for effort now.

Perhaps a good first step  would be to visit the Money Advice Service website www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk and see what information it contains, to help with long-term planning.

A reasonable second step would be to find a supportive coach, set a financial goal, and work steadily towards it.

Most of us won’t be multi-millionaires in our 50s and 60s but, I believe, many of us could be more secure financially: starting now with a bit of time devoted to planning our future.

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