5 More Ways To Kick Start Your Development

Are You Ready To Kick Start Your Next Development Goal?

Are You Ready To Kick Start Your Next Development Goal?

You started 2015 full of good intentions to change your life. You were going to kick start a new you. As the mid-point in the year edges closer how are you doing?

Be honest. Are you exceeding or meeting your own expectations?

An Inspiring Quote

“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are” Oprah Winfrey

5 Ways To Get Unstuck And Plan Your Future Development

1) Accept that it is hard work to disturb the status quo. You have spent a long time getting settled into your career and wider life. You need to carefully plan the next steps toward your goal. Taking action will be very unsettling for you and potentially for your family, colleagues and clients.

2) Be bold about your personal growth plan. This is definitely the year to aim high with your goals. What significant impact will you make on the world?

3) Connect to people whose development you can support. Who do you already know that you can reach out to? Where else can you turn if you don’t have a support system in place? These people are the ones who will help you as you grow.

4) Deal with negativity from the people in your life who cannot be supportive. You might choose to see less of those people. You might only see them when you can celebrate reaching a milestone, cancelling out any negative comments.

5) Experience your progress every day in a mindful way. If you have an off day work out what is getting you down. How can you get support to change your mood?

How Will You Keep The Conversation Going And Continue To Change Your Life?

  • What is the nagging challenge that you are facing this year?
  • What systems do you use to reboot your plans when you get stuck?
  • Who is the best source of support in your life right now?

Why not tap into this community and contribute to others development, as they actively address their personal growth?

Feel free to use the comment section below to keep the conversation going. You can be sure that others are looking for ideas in the same areas that you are.

You can also respond on Twitter @RogerD_Said or Sign Up online to receive more information about personal development at www.experienceenterprisesltd.co.uk

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