Goals 2014: What Is Your Gut Feeling About The #Management & #Leadership You Receive?

How Do You Feel About The Way You Are Managed?

How Do You Feel About The Way You Are Managed?

Here’s a question for you to ponder over the next couple of days.  How much protection does your manager offer you?  Do you feel Outstandingly nurtured?  Would you term their efforts Average? Does they need to improve?

(If you are a leader or manager how many marks out of 10 would your colleagues give you for the authenticity of your professional relationship with them)?

It Is A Good Time To Talk About Management

I think this is a good time to talk about management.  Many people are looking forward to their summer break, away from the sinking feeling they experience at work.  Some people will have reached the point where they are weighing up their options.  Others will have made up their minds and will be preparing for a job hunt when they get back to work.  If that is the case it may be because they are deeply unhappy with their management situation.

How Will You Respond To Your Concerns About The Management You Receive?

When you look at the set of goals you drew up for yourself in January did improving your job satisfaction feature on the list?  If so you will be conscious that effective management is a big factor in job satisfaction and engagement.

Now that you are taking stock at the mid-point in the year how are things looking jobwise?  What action will you take in response to your gut feeling?  Whose support will you draw on as you work out your options?

Implications Of Ineffective Management and Leadership

If inspiring leadership boosts followership then ineffective leaders and managers contribute to disengaged workers.

The quote from Kurt Barling comes from a larger article larger article relating to the concerns some black and minority ethnic staff at the BBC have in the management they receive.  The article is worth a look if you are interested in productive workplaces; engaging staff; improving team performance; equality and diversity; and leadership or management.

What Action Will You Take Now?

There is a universal point however: if one of your workplace goals is to feel positive and engaged you will feel better taking action, with support, to improve your situation rather than enduring the discomfort.  Please do get in touch (use the Contact page above) if you would like to discuss the difference coaching can make to your working life.

Do You Want Support To Develop Other Areas In Your Life?

There are more ideas relating to your work and life goals in the Archive section here and on Facebook and Google+ too.  Or if you are a Linkedin user you can visit View Roger Dennison’s profile

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