Picture This

English: picture insert

English: picture insert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you think about what you want to be doing in 24 months’ time, do you find it easier to visualise:

– soaring through the clouds before landing behind a big desk in your dream job?

– or strolling through the marble interior of your palatial home?

– or even staring lovingly into the eyes of your perfect partner over a Valentine’s Day meal?

Does picturing those options sound easier than putting those long-term goals into words, as part of your life plan?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then perhaps you have a right-brain dominance (a preference for pictures over words).  You might then find the content of Brian Mayne’s website www.lifeinternational.com interesting, as it offers visitors to experiment with mapping their life goals in a series of pictures.

You still have to take action, as a second step to turn those long-term goals into reality.  But if you can picture it, as a first step, perhaps it is then easier to do the work which will get you there.

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