What does success look like?

Andy Murray

Andy Murray (Photo credit: Carine06)

Even if I had the right skills at 25 years of age I could not have held my own against Roger Federer as Andy Murray did in SW17 yesterday.

Going up against a skilled older professional, in a grand slam tournament, in front of an audience of millions, takes some mental stamina.

Andy didn’t win, but to my mind he also did not fail.  He lost, that’s all.

He was successful in reaching his first Wimbledon final.  My sense is that he will have learned from the experience and will come back stronger next time.

Maybe it is me, but some of the language in the press coverage – Murray was ‘beaten’ and ‘denied’ – seems to put across too negative view of his achievement at Wimbledon this year.

Hopefully his coach Ivan Lendl will celebrate his experience on Centre Court this year.  Playing in the final will take him one step further toward his ultimate goal.  Who would bet against Mr Murray winning an Olympic medal, or the Wimbledon Championship sometime in the future?

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