Goals 2014: What Does Success Look Like?

Here is a Tweet relating to Jordan Belfort, he’s the subject of the biopic ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’.  I haven’t seen the film, although it sounds an interesting look at 1990s concepts of success.   I’ll have to write another post once I have seen the movie.

Meanwhile I am sharing the Tweet as it contains a link to the Huffington Post.  Have a look at the link and see what you think of Mr Belfort’s ten thoughts about achieving goals.  Feel free to share this post with family, colleagues and friends.

How many of your 2014 goals relate to: Your workplace?  Your well-being?  Managing your wealth?  Let me know if you have goals that are more attainable with coaching support.

Money Matters


Carrots Beat Sticks Every Time (c) R Dennison August 2013

Carrots Beat Sticks Every Time (c) R Dennison August 2013

It is that time of the year when thoughts turn to personal finance.  It can seem tempting to beat oneself over the head about having an easy-come-easy-go attitude towards money.

I think a strategy that is more carrot than stick, helps.  Keeping track – on a simple spread sheet – of sources of income; where expenditure goes; and where economies might be made, helps.  Clarity could certainly supply answers to questions such as:

  • Will there be enough money in the bank after the family holiday to make the autumn and pre-Christmas period bearable?


  • How tempting does a pay-day loan look?


  • Is it time to start buying supermarket own brands instead of the costlier versions advertised on the television?


There’s definitely value in having a personal goal around the effective management of money.  There’s also something positive in having control over personal finance, instead of feeling it has a strangle hold over you.